The KOMPAN group is a global organisation with approximately 1,000 employees worldwide. More than 85 % of the KOMPAN Group's trade volume is exported, with the majority of sales to Europe, the Middle East, USA, Canada, Asia, and Australia. We intend to expand and grow as our vision is to strengthen and maintain our position as Global Leader in Playground Solutions.

The KOMPAN Group culture is based on our corporate values and leadership principles.

Corporate values

  1. We are ambitious and focused on results
  2. We are clear in our communication
  3. We are focused on execution - We make sure tasks get done as planned
  4. We have a sense of urgency
  5. We are accountable


Leadership Principles

  1. We lead by example - we are role models
  2. We make sure the strategy and initiatives to win are defined and communicated
  3. We involve the team(s) in defining the strategy and the plans
  4. We communicate in a clear way
  5. We walk the talk - We make sure that the plans are executed
  6. We follow up on plans and performance
  7. We make sure that we have the right (wo)man in the right place


A career in the KOMPAN Group offers great challenges and opportunities in a developing and international working environment. Job satisfaction has high priority in the KOMPAN Group.

To apply for positions available in your national KOMPAN subsidiary, please visit the local KOMPAN website relavant to your location.