Annual report 2006

Annual reviews

Over the past few years KOMPAN has strengthened its growth platform considerably. We have undergone a transformation from a traditional woodworking company to a modern industrial group using a wide range of materials.

The majority of the company's supply chain has now, at the end of 2006, finally relocated to the Czech Republic, where all production is now taken care of by our suppliers. This ensures both high quality and competitive production prices.

Through its investment in product development and the acquisition of new companies, KOMPAN has, at the same time, created the industry's most future-oriented product platform, and there are even more innovative launches on the horizon. 
Our goal is global growth, both organic, through increased sales, and through the acquisition of related companies.

Operational improvements and capital optimisation of the company continue. Our sales and service structure has been strengthened considerably in 2006 through the development of new sales tools, the implementation of a targeted segment strategy and the appointment of several new sales representatives. Focus on on-going improvements will now be aimed at our European subsidiary structure where we believe that many improvements can be made in our pricing processes and business structures. KOMPAN's plans for development are ambitious and require the input of all our employees.

But above all, the plans for development will demand business acumen in everything we do. In short, we need to be able to exploit all our strengths and take a customer-oriented approach if we are to be the best in the industry.

In turn, the management of KOMPAN will endeavour to provide an attractive workplace for employees, with room for the development of the professional and personal skills of the individual, in order to ensure that the conditions are in place for achieving our ambitious targets.

Annual report

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