Annual report 2009

Annual reviews

The world's leading playground producer - KOMPAN - finished with a record result in 2009. In spite of a slight reduction of revenue, the profit performance rose to the highest level in history.

Against the background of extensive efficiency improvements the normalised profit of operating income (EBIT) finished at DKK 139 million. The normalised result after amortisations and interests was DKK 81 million - an increase of 49%. The free cash flow was DKK 126 million compared to DKK 140 million in 2008 which contributes to the a reduction of the net interestbearing debt to the amount of DKK 380 million against DKK 501 million by the end of 2008.

KOMPAN now has a financial gearing of 2.3 which render possible an organic proliferation as well as a continued expansion propelled by acquisitions.

Annual report

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