Annual report 2010

Annual reviews

KOMPAN reported record results for 2010. Earnings were on the increase, and consolidated revenue came in at DKK 1,388 million for 2010, equivalent to an increase of 25%.

EBITA came in at DKK 166 million (DKK 125 million). EBITA thereby increased at a higher rate than revenue, allowing KOMPAN to report record operating results. Depreciation/amortisation reached DKK 41 million for 2010 (DKK 44 million). The relatively high level of depreciation/amortisation arises from a temporary increase in amortisation of capitalised product development costs attributable to electronic playground equipment. In 2011, depreciation/amortisation will be highly on the decrease and reach a normalised annual level of approx. DKK 25 million as from 2012.

Normalised results for the year after tax represented DKK 117 million (DKK 81 million) - equivalent to an increase of 44%.

Since 2005, KOMPAN has pursued a global expansion strategy relying on both organic growth and acquisitions. 2010 saw the acquisitions of DICA A/S, Albert Knudsen ApS and uniQ nordic systems ApS - all in Denmark, Go Play Ltd. in Ireland and Unique Playgrounds Ltd. in Northern Ireland. Furthermore, after the acquisition in December 2009, the Belgium company, Playmart Benelux SA (trading under the name of KOMPAN Commercial Systems SA as from 2011) was recognised for the full 2010 financial year.

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