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KOMPAN reported record results for 2011. Earnings were on the increase, net result was DKK 101.4 million equivalent to an increase of 21.1% and consolidated revenue came in at DKK 1,416 million for 2011.

New record year for KOMPAN in 2011

  • In spite of great challenges on the global market KOMPAN's revenue rose by 2% to more than DKK 1.4 billion
  • EBITA increased by approx. 4% compared to 2010 - from DKK 166 million to DKK 172 million
  • The normalised result after tax was DKK 103.8 million - against DKK 83.7 million in 2010 - an increase of 24%
  • In 2011, KOMPAN also strengthened its global market position.

KOMPAN, who is the global market leader within development, production and marketing of outdoor play equipment and playgrounds made another record year in 2011. Both revenue as well as the EBITA result increased and all in all KOMPAN strengthened its global market position. KOMPAN estimates that the total market has been declining in 2011.

Revenue rose by 2% to DKK 1,416 million while EBITA rose by approx. 4% to DKK 172 million. The normalised result after tax was DKK 103.8 million - an increase of 24%. KOMPAN's net interest-bearing debt ended unchanged at approx. DKK 330 million.

In spite of the global crisis since 2008 and last year's public savings, which has negatively affected the market conditions, KOMPAN's revenue has increased by more than 30% and operating profit (EBITA) by more than 35% since 2007. This proves KOMPAN's sturdiness and strong business model.

However, KOMPAN is not unaffected by the crisis and the need for public savings, including investments and costs for play equipment and playgrounds. Especially the South European markets were affected by the outbreak of the financial crisis during the second half of 2011. On the main markets in Northern Europe the market development was rational with progress in some countries and segments while other declined.

"Our continued progress in revenue and earnings proves KOMPAN's strength and large effort among the employees. Even better is that there continues to be large growth potential in a number of countries spread around the world. We continue to invest in good conditions for our children in most countries", KOMPAN's CEO Connie Astrup-Larsen explains.

In 2011, KOMPAN has focused on the organic development due to the large market turbulence. However, 2 small acquisitions were made. In June KOMPAN acquired the activities in Ovaal Speelconcepten V.O.F. in Holland, while the activities in Natura Norge A/S were acquired in October. Both companies have special knowledge in the sale of unique playgrounds manufactured in debarked Robinia wood; a market segment with considerable growth potential.



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