Fact & Background

KOMPAN's opposition to square and conventional play thinking is based upon the founder Tom Lindhardt Wils' philosophy:

"I want to be a round detail in a square world".


The beginning
The company began in 1970, when the young artist named Tom Lindhardt Wils witnessed an event that made him want to change the world of children's play. One of his large, bright sculptures had been placed in a new housing estate to add colour to the otherwise drab surroundings. Realising that children were more interested in playing on it than admiring it, he began working on a dedicated, child-focused play equipment company.

Together with co-founder Hans Mogens Frederiksen he turned KOMPAN into an international company, continuously developing products based on the artistic philosophy.


With KOMPAN, there's a philosophy behind the playground
As the world's No. 1 producer of quality playground equipment, we are held in high regard by our customers. These public authorities, schools, nurseries and other organisations trust us not just to produce fun and exciting playgrounds, but to understand what's really behind a great playground. So much more than just physical constructions, KOMPAN playgrounds are designed to reach a higher goal: promoting child development through play.


Innovative design
KOMPAN innovation, based in Denmark, is a unique product development department. The department works across professions and borders to gather knowledge and know-how on the latest trends and issues in order to develop new concept designs.

The innovation team bases their work on five design principles:

  • A clear strong image
  • Age-appropriate play
  • Lasting quality and safety
  • Inclusion for all
  • Meaningful innovation

Over the years KOMPAN's innovation team has won several international awards for their innovative designs. Find further information about the AWARDS


KOMPAN Play Institute
One reason why we're the global leader in our field is the KOMPAN Play Institute. KOMPAN Play Institute is a knowledge centre which is comprised of an international network of play and child specialist who research and monitor how societal trends influence children's development and opportunities to play.

Their findings are an integral part of the product development concentrating on play values of the products. This unique knowledge centre is a valuable repository of insight into children's play, health and learning. It's the perfect complement to our decades of hands-on experience making playgrounds that promote child development. Find further information at the KOMPAN Play Institute.